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At Eden Park, we bring together supreme luxury and high functionality to create the most high-end family focused home available on the market.

Eden Park Bedroom
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Top of the line appliances and materials are just the beginning. With a focus on sustainability, you can live larger while reducing long term energy costs and maintaining a low carbon footprint.


Environmental Sustainability and Net Zero
Energy Ready

Did you know that a fully optimized BONE Structure home can save you up to 90% in energy costs? It all starts with a steel base. The BONE Structure construction system is the best place to start for those looking to build a Net Zero Energy home – where a building produces as much energy as it consumes. A high-performance outer shell is designed with a combination of expanded polystyrene panels and closed cell polyurethane foam insulation to maximize energy efficiency and reduce future heating and cooling costs.

Each and every Eden Park home is built to fully utilize BONE Structure’s HP.ID (High-performance Integrated Design) protocol, which takes aspects such as window placement, orientation and elevation into consideration in order to utilize natural elements as energy saving sources. For example – floor to ceiling windows aren’t only the aesthetic of your home; the natural sunlight is also used as a heat source.

Living Room

Open Layouts That Grow with You

As a result of the steel-structure design, Eden Park homes require few load bearing walls to create beautiful, open layouts. This future-proof material is resistant to most natural damage such as mold and termites, and will withstand bending or buckling over time. Aside from free-flowing spaces, a BONE Structure home is designed to grow as you do. The steel structure is fully configurable, allowing for future additions and space reorganization – if you choose to expand or adjust your layout, your home is fully customizable to adapt to your needs.

Green and Clean Living, Inside and Out

You know your health is important, so why not start with your home? Along with reducing energy consumption, a BONE Structure home uses the best available non-toxic building materials, giving peace of mind to you and your family. All materials are fully recyclable, and a just-in-time delivery system ensures minimal waste and mess during the construction process. In fact, the building system is so precise that there is nothing left over once the home is complete – which means you aren’t paying for the cost of the cleanup, or unused extra materials.

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