December 01, 2017

Discover Clarington: 20 things to do within 20 minutes | Part 1

by Mirabelle Eze

The Municipality of Clarington, located on the east of the Greater Toronto Area, is a beautiful community that offers its residents a mix of rural and city living experiences. What makes Clarington a great place for work and play is its proximity to places of diverse activities, for families, kids and teens. In our discover Clarington series, we’ve decided to compile and share a list of  some of the best things to do in Clarington without burning a lot of gas.

From conservation parks to museums, to brewing facilities, here are 20 things to do within 20 minutes from Clarington:

Part 1

1. Waverly Place (Bowmanville Museum) – Clarington History Gallery – 10 minutes

Since it was built in 1847, the Waverly Place (also called the Bowmanville Museum) has been renovated a few times to reflect different architectural influences. Currently wearing the look of the Victorian home to a wealthy merchant family, the building houses the Clarington History Gallery. The gallery showcases photos and artifacts that trace back to the earliest settlers in Clarington.

Just 10 minutes away from the heart of Clarington, the museum makes an excellent activity for families interested in learning about the history of Clarington.

Location: 37 Silver Street, Bowmanville, Ontario



2. Bowmanville Harbour Conservation Area – 15 Minutes

Discover Clarington 4

A fifteen minute drive away from downtown Clarington, the Bowmanville Harbour Conservation area is where beach getaways meet gorgeous lakefront views. Parking is free and visitors can access the location by canoe, kayak and car.

Location: ON L1C 3K3



3. Rotary Park – 15 Minutes

Discover Clarington 3

Rotary park is the place to go when you crave the experience of being surrounded by great live music and nature’s serenity. The park has been home to “Concerts in the Park”, a popular summer concert since 1997. Rotary park is busiest between June and August each year, when its filled with music and nature lovers.  A staircase connects the park to the Bowmanville Creek valley, giving visitors access to more nature to explore.

Location: 92 Queen St, Bowmanville, ON L1C 1M7



4.  Mantler Craft Brewing Co.  – 16 Minutes

Discover Clarington 2

Situated in the heart of historic downtown Bowmanville, the Mantler Craft Brewing Co. is where the locals like to go for drinks and a fun night out.  Regulars look forward the brewery tours organized every Sunday.

Location: 182 Wellington St, Bowmanville, Ontario L1C 1W3, Canada



5. Courtice Community Complex – 20 minutes

The courtice community complex is a family centre operated by the Municipality of Clarington.Visitors can enjoy a 25m/25m/6-lane leisure pool, a co-ed whirlpool and sauna, fitness training facility, a mini soccer field, a skateboard park amongst many other amenities the complex offers.

Location: 2950 Courtice Rd, Courtice, ON L1E 2L6


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